Darling  Oreo Cookie


Hi,  my name is Darling Oreo Cookie and I am a black and white Shih Tzu.

I live with my Mommy Barbara and my two fur brothers, Hershey Bear, 

and Tuxedo the kitty cat.


Let me tell you how my Mommy got me . . . . . . 


Mommy was very lonely as fur baby had gotten very sick and had to go to the rainbow bridge.

She began looking and looking and one day she went into a place that only sold puppies,

which she has since learned you should not do.)  There were lots and lots of little black and white Shih Tzu and I just knew I had to do something very special to make her take me.  I was the littlest one there so I knew it would be hard.  I stood up on my little legs and looked as cute as I possibly could.  Oh goodie, she picked me up and I knew that if I gave lots of kisses I would be the one.  She is putting me in her car;   I must be going home with her. 


I was very excited but then we got there and this big black and white thing came up to me.  I was so scared but Mommy held me tight. I later found out that was Tuxedo my, Kitty brother.  Once I got to know him he was lots of fun. 


I was very little,  just a little over one pound, but boy could I wrap all the people around my little paw.  I was so very cute and everyone loved me very much.

I have such fun in my house and I now have lots of company.


Later on you will meet all of my family,  but for now let me tell you a little bit about us!


Mommy’s name is Barbara and she is really a very nice Mommy and takes me to neat places.  Tuxedo is my nine-year-old kitty brother and he has always been here.  I next had a very old brother who came here when his Mommy died.  His name was Sonny.  He was old and blind but he was really lots of fun.  He finally had to go to the rainbow bridge and I was so very lonely.


Mommy began to look for another brother for me and she found Hershey Bear who she got from a breeder In Melbourne Fl.  I not only got a neat brother, but she got a good friend.




You will meet all of my family later if you just follow the links below. 

I hope you like me!  Please visit my Photo Album. 

The Lady Miss Darling Oreo Cookie





My Photo Album

Sonny's Last Ride  

                              Tuxedo the Kitty & Boss

                              Hershey Bear