My name is Nikkii and I am a Tibetan terrier

Let me introduce myself.  I am a product of a puppy mill.  For you who do not know, that is a very awful place to be.  I was very lucky as a rescue group called Shih Tzu and Fur Baby Rescue saved me.  I am even luckier because I got to come from Indiana and lived with my Foster Mommy and Foster fur sister and brothers.

My trip to FL was lots of fun.  I got to stay in Indiana over Christmas and then I went to Georgia.  From there three very nice people drove me to Ft. Lauderdale where my Foster Mommy got me.

When I first got there I was very afraid but I learned not  to be afraid. I learned to play with the kitty cat and other doggies.  I learned so well that I got a wonderful new home with two Daddies who live in a penthouse and take me on trips in airplanes and cars.  


I will always remember the good times I had with the Lady and the Bear and also Tuxedo, but now I am the king and very happy.  Thank you Foster Mom Barbara for keeping me until this happened.

Please visit all the wonderful pages made by Auntie Martha and also visit the web site of the rescue group that saved me and made it possible  to have my new wonderful family. 

  Their web site is .


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