Hi I am Seawings Hershey Bear and I am a Shih Tzu.

I was born in Melbourne, FL and my Mommy's name is Princess Aja Minor and my Daddy is Emperorís Choice Woo-Kee.  I was the only male in a litter of seven.

My Mommy had just sent her fur kid Sonny Boy to the Rainbow Bridge and she was very unhappy.  My human grandma Chris told Mommy that she was going to have me.  At first Mommy said no as for some reason she wanted a girl but she came to see me with Miss Oreo Cookie and it was love at first sight.   I am so glad as it is so very much fun at our house.

Please visit my photo album and also visit the web sites of my sister and brother.

 Thank you so much Auntie Martha for doing this for me. 



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