and his life with the dogs


My life with the doggies by Tuxedo


Hi, I am a very large tuxedo cat who has a very unusual life.  I live with two fur things that my Mommy tells me are dogs.  Well I have to let them know that even if the have a different name I am the top dog.  (Oh excuse me my Mommy says I a cat)

  I have never lived without them furry things so do not know what it would be like. I came to my house when I was about 3 weeks old and there was this really nice big furry thing here.  He was so nice and gentle and I was the boss and got all the toys. One day he was gone and I was very sad.  I slept in his bed hoping that he would come back to play but he didnít.  In his place came this little tiny ball of fur no bigger than my toys and did I have fun. We ran and played and I taught her to climb on the furniture.  She became my bestest friend.  Next came this very old furry thing that could not see so I knew that I had to protect him.  His name is Sonny.  I did until he went away also and I was sad again.  Next came this big brown noisy thing and it took me a long time to make him realize who is boss, but I finally did and he is really neat as he can jump as high as me and can help me open doors.



Please visit my brother's and sister's album and also thank you so much Martha for making these pages for my Mommy and us.  Please visit their pages and all the other wonderful links she has made.


                                    Mr. Tuxedo, the kitty and boss

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