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The Stories


The African Queen

Boating Down the Ulanga

To Part A

To Part B

To Part C


The African Queen/The Mummy (1932 version)

Poor, Wand'ring One

To Part A

To Part B


Beau Geste

It Is Better Not Retrieved

...If Heaven Won't Have You...

To Part A

To Part B

Then Bid Him Not Die


The Big Chill


Bugs Bunny

A Left Turn at Albuquerque

That's All Folks A bit of silliness involving Injun Joe    ~New!~


Cactus Flower    ~New!~

Madly, Wildly, Desperately

A Man Who Lies, or I Read It In a Fortune Cookie



No Matter What the Future Brings

To Part A

To Part B

To Part C


The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Written on the Land

To Part A

To Part B


In and Out


In and Out/The Big Chill

I Heard It Through the Grapevine


It! The Terror From Beyond Space

The One Who Got the Bullet Was Lucky



The Reverie Series    ~New!~

They're Having a Heat Wave

What are You Doing New Year's Eve



The Mind Fuck Series

The Soundbytes    ~New!~


King Kong

Beast Was a Tough Guy, Too


La Femme Nikita



April in Paris Michael Samuelle/Clark Palmer

Just Between Friends Exx/Palmer

We Only See What We Want to See Michael Samuelle/Clark Palmer



That Sunday, That Summer

A Moment to Last My Life Through

If I Had To Choose...


Love and Human Remains


The Maltese Falcon

The Stuff That Dreams are Made Of


Miss Congeniality

Girl Talk


Miss Congeniality/Bedazzled (2000 version)

Be Careful What You Wish For


Much Ado About Nothing    ~New!~

In Any Way, In Every Way


Original Slash

Blue Collar    ~New!~

Blue CollarII    ~New!~


People Will Talk

A Little Man    ~New!~


The Sentinel


Son of Kong    ~New!~



A Door Into a New World


Victor/Victoria    ~New!~

And He Sings, Too


What goes on behind the computer ;-)    ~New!~

Real life musings



The Wolf Man/The African Queen

When the Wolfbane Blooms

To Part A

To Part B


The Wolf Man/Creature From the Black Lagoon

A Predestined End     ~New!~

To Part A

To Part B

To Part C


World Without End

Comfortable and Safe

To Part A

To Part B



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