Jeff and his nephew Michael during a

 visit at Deerfield Beach, Fl in 1991


Jeff and his wife, Liz, taken Feb. 14, 1993 during his Mom's wedding to Dee

Jeff walking his Mom down the aisle

Jeff with his two sisters, Wendy (left) and Linda at their mother and step father's wedding on Valentine's Day 1993

We were visiting Jeff and his family in their home in Peter's Creek, Alaska.  Jeff was telling us how great their own Alaska beer is ....  This was July 1997

Jeff and Alice on the road between Phoenix, Arizona and Hayward, California.  Alice just loved to drive in the car ......   she didn't much care who she was with.

Jeff with Tasha and Chu Chu in Atlanta, Georgia,  October 1999 during the time he was getting his radiation treatment.

This was Jeff's last visit with his Alice. 

Jeff's last Thanksgiving, November 1999

This was Jeff fishing at his sister's home on his last Thanksgiving Day 1999. Life just isn't fair sometimes.  It makes you wonder what he was thinking here.  Doubt if it was catching fish