Introducing our newest addition to Barbara's Furbabies








Let me introduce my self. I am the newest Barbara and her furabies.


My name is AWE Midnight Breeze and I was born in VT. on June 14,2009.

My mommie had been looking for a special third Shih Tzu for some time. When

she saw me she fell in love.

I was one of  thirteen puppies in two litters by the same father but different

mommies. It was so much fun to learn and play with them.


When I was 16 weeks old my mommie flew to Berlington VT. and picked me up to

bring me to my new home. My first mommie drove me for many hours to

Burlington and I was very frightened. She met my new mommie at the airport

and they liked each other right away even though they had never met.  Mommie

Ann took my new mommie and me to a thing called a motel where we were going

to spend the night before getting on a plane ( big scarry thing) to take us

far far away to Miami Florida. We had lots of fun getting to know each other

  The next day we went to Miami.


I got to meet my big brother and sister.  I loved my big sister right away

and wanted to be with her all the time. I learned to love my big brother and

now we have lots of fun running around and chasing each other. I also have

him under my paw when it comes to getting all the new toys.  I just bark

until he gives up.


I am so happy in my new home.


Thank you Auntie Martha for adding this to my mommies web site. We do love

you so.


Breeze ( Mommie calls me BZ